Sharing the Mistress' attention

This young witch got the looks and the experience to become the obsession of any femdom freak out there. It's her power and her rules - shut up and take what you can, slave, if the Mistress decides to handle two subs at once. She felt incredibly playful that day, so she just kept trampling and squeezing these sorry sacks till they were ready to spurt out their dirty juice... What a reward for proper service!

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Caged servant worships feet

Megan is dark and delicious in her shiny stiletto heels and black outfit. In this session, she teams up with her fellow Domme to have their way with their caged, masked plaything. Their feet in the high heeled shoes look so beautiful he cannot get enough of them, that dirty beast! Trampled and tortured with cigarette butts, he finally gets a break – a break to feed.

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Giddyup, dirty horsey, giddyup

With long beautiful legs, bare chests and knee-high stiletto heel boots like these, the Mistresses can really do anything they please. You would silently obey like the dirty subservient boy you are, right? Being this guy right now looks tough, but what wouldn't you give to be handled by these goddesses, really. They kick their victim around and ride it like a pony - hell yeah!

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Foot freak got lucky

With her long smooth legs, incredibly delicious toes and tattooed arches, Megan can stop traffic when she's wearing her favorite red shoes. Her charms totally worked on this poor fellow who was willing to take plenty of humiliation from lovely Megan just to be able to kneel at her feet and worship them. It was his lucky day, she even took him home for more naughty fun – in the trunk, of course!

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Feminized at a job interview

When the guy saw his future boss, a young, incredibly luscious lady, he immediately got the idea it will be all fun and games. Well, it wasn't. When her assistant brought in some leather gear, he made a saucy remark – and that was the end of his safety. Undressed and urged to wear womens underwear, the guy totally lost control of the situation. He was to serve and worship his way out of this!

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